Born in France, I have always been involved in the art scene. 
After acquiring basic education, I got certified in makeup artistry, which was my source of artistic satisfaction for some time; however, there was always a miss. 

I used to paint in my free time but never pluck the courage to pursue it as a full-time profession. But the time I spent painting was the best time of my day. The process of mixing the colors and creating something on a blank canvas is exhilarating.

All the painting ideas come from life in general; each piece I create has a story of my thought process or experiences. Mostly I enjoy painting with monochrome colors.
Colors reflect the artist's mood; assuming most of my paintings are monochromatic doesn't necessarily mean I am grim. I love how combining these colors comes out so beautifully new each time.

I am mostly self-taught, and I enjoy working with a palette knife, which helps me create the colors and textures by mixing paints to create the impact I like. I mainly work with acrylic paint.
its strokes resonate with me the most.   

Creating unique pieces and seeing my work adorning places of work, and life, increasing the visual ambiance of space is a wonderful experience.